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眉间,心上,The brow, heart

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The brow, heart
"He found thousands of baidu, suddenly look back, that person but in the lights dim." Sitting in a time of gap, nestled close to the soft lines, with pious, halo ink pen for you.
A faint aroma of arteries and veins who attract the eyes of light? Moves the who listen to? Whose heart is drunk? With time slow, cooked a pot of thick long for tea, and wait here in the silence of time now, you don't come, how dare I describe the color of the spring, you are the nods eyeball pen of living, is the lark awaken of spring. 
Rose garden, secretly enchanting, MuQing, new volume a page, spread the green in the fingertips, writers projection to wind wave of heart, mind generate a inky, in without makeup QingHuan, weaving a wisp of spring breeze warm meaning. 
With fine silk string of bells this morning, with the warm wind, let it float on lattice sweet music thoughts remain a have your scene, spectacular open in the eye, that is left by random poem, the butterfly is flying, you can read this time?
Habit of reading, by just waiting for, you to send the continous book, in the wind can, don't let the silent stranger to each other? Through the eyes, walking in the heart only across such as the spring breeze ferry, such as only the incoming warm across the brow, wen run time. Silent distant mountains, but still can not stop the at all, in my heart planted thousands of beautiful flowers, waiting for you, boil tea drink. 
You will always be my unique thoughts, it is difficult to, just want to be a delicate woman, unload all greed, all for one, lighted a lamp and a candle flame. At this point, followed with a cold ink like nuances, listen carefully, and found as first, one-way intoxicated, President of the world hundred flatters thousand red, I only love you this one. 
Borrow a warm sunrise, to light up the sky, in a little smile, in the evening of the misty rain scatter, portrayed deep seven color as flowers, on the wings of the wind, flying to the shore when observing you, ? warm flavor, in the daybreak moment show, the wind blows up the corner of a new morning, bright and beautiful, drip into the urgent to sunny day, if the bright eye makeup, bright world, cloud stay weak wind and dance float in the sky.
Plant a flower in a smile, sweet lips overflow, early will open the heart into pieces of chardonnay, want to look like, who sings when observing, peach has open in spring, rows of warm flower, let who drunk the wine cup? A, is quietly allow, a pen, is and line and treasure. 
Rio is a beautiful word, the season in the blossom fragrance, cool breeze eyeful, small Bridges and garden spring scenery infinite, of a poetic. 
Understand, is a listening ear, lightsome posture fall gently sit, a light fragrance in hand, drink chief use for delight, smiling in all words, fragrant in bones bursts of enchanting, moving, love that lasts.
Graceful and restrained parked in the eyes, look around qingchuan, spring, blue waves ripple, the wind, wicker creek bridge is long, dry not over time, the piano light, inlaid harp chords, ? smile, brow to heart.