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A friend in need, one bird love long heir bearing the word

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A friend in need, one bird love long heir bearing the word
The year before last summer, a storm bath guinness. I woke up this morning and died.the sneak the dog, suddenly heard the barking of flames.
I quickly to his side, saw a covered in mud from bird, desperate to cower in the corner there, body trembling. Take a closer look at it again and found the right droop and the bird's wings.
My mercy heart immediately seize it, it angrily against, hard struggling, and USES its mouth pecking at me. Let out a scream of the sad.
At home, that matters to me to see that it right wings outside the middle out gray bones. I dry the wound with sterile cotton to give it, and then by hydrogen peroxide in the simple disinfection, resolutely gave it a reset "surgery". Finally in its fracture location, sprinkle with yunnan white powder with two matchsticks as support, with adhesive plaster fixed tightly.
It cries, from the beginning that first bite, slowly like see my wife and I, with the whole treatment process.
Called to the child's sister's home for the first time to big uncle soon carry the bird cage, very professional came to my house.
When we put the injured bird in a cage, saw its due to pain, fatigue and hunger, shivering on the cage.
"To feed it some seeds, so is good for the wound." Big uncle according to their own birds experience in teaching methods. Is the only thing that makes him: "the bird belongs to what breed?" He shook his head, call out the name of a bird. Just saw its corners of the mouth of the yellow speckle guess this bird is a chick.

On the day it resolute don't eat not to drink, has been fought, with our kindness. In desperation, every time is I personally break its mouth with the hand, feed it repeatedly millet and mung beans, JianGu pumpkin seed. I must give it a name; "Call the bird lulu." From that day on, went the little lulu, and we live the life of the healing.
Next day morning, found the lulu standing on the bird cage beam. But it's watchful eyes saw me, and began to tremble. As long as a close to it, it will be in vain against the cage. The mouth is a cry of anger.
To my surprise, the second day I'll break it mouth feeding time. It from the start not to cooperate, swallowing slowly, appear particularly sweet. And every time I finished, into the cage, it won't be afraid of me. In the distance of space, I learn about it birds, whistling, friendly to it.
It consists of the first angry, panic, struggle to begin to accept me. This is I'm glad to see its tail, with my whistle, become warped move back and forth slowly. Suddenly make my heart feel incomprehensible thrilled and excited.
The next night, I carefully put the millet, mung beans, smash the seeds are put together. Carefully pour in the bird cage porcelain basin, and then in another porcelain bowl filled with water. Turn off the lights and go to bed.
The next day all morning, no one at home. When I was in the gym to play badminton, the in the mind don't know why miss the lulu. But also excited to how to save the bird after and the ball friend? I am very happy  known praise to; "The doctor protect birds......"
On the way home what also don't want to, does it for the first time in my hand, ears are at the top of it.
I nervously opened the door, the first time slowly come near it. See it eye stare as if, as suddenly saw me and stretching his tail, shyly gently call a few times. The sound infection my whole body blood boiling, heart chug and dances. I seem to hear; "What were you up to, how such a long time put me in the house..."
The most let me surprise and delight, bird let it eat a bowl of food basin dry bowl clean. I think I found the new world, hurriedly picked up the phone, and tell the good news for big uncle and his wife are buying.
Big uncle let I thank him for his exchange condition is that the prepared food to celebrate. And his wife's answer let me confused; "Ho ho ho - look at you this overjoyed when, like met valentine?" You know me, but your wife is she really saw me swoon in the past two days.
I take out the harmonica on it gently blowing tunes "pipeline". It seems to have talent, and with the sound of the harmonica, beam in a cage, twisted his body to and fro. Watching the eyes unblinkingly also.
Let me tear happened, it suddenly chirp happily! It is a kind of signal was passed to me, gradually accepted my signal, the understanding of the signal, the signal thank me? !!!!!
 we both symphony played fantastic music from now on, bring my family the joy of music.
Kelsi from since then, it's all the more. Every day the vast bright, it will use it beautiful voice and video. The chagrin of cock heard his voice sounded a desperate, roar before the duel.
Spent 10 days and harmonious get along, get up in the morning, I suddenly found around it's wing "plywood" off. When I was puzzled, it seemed to understand my heart, to the after I called a few times, with its front sharp beaks to stroke his right wing. Then stroked quivered body feathers, stood, gently flapping his wings. Then the neck twisted like gratitude, with a swinging soulful eyes looking at me.
For the first time to remove it from its cage, it began a "rehabilitation exercise. From the beginning of the hope for freedom, hard to fly into the window; to slowly adapted to the environment, in the room began to regard me as its" father "; obediently under my instruction, flying freely back and forth in the room.
The most let me proud of is, I have trained it; when it is hungry It's favorite food in hand, mouth to learn it after, it immediately fly to my shoulder, hand, so repeated.
In a few days ah it will follow me anywhere in the room. Sometimes it freely falls on the chest, I will quietly returned to the house; As long as a voice call, it will quickly come to me.
When I look at it with his lips with a tub of water bathe, can recall my wife lashing out at the sound, I feel love ah - it influences me in health behavior. My sloppy character bath as a burden?
People most vanity, whenever people pay to get the response, will be proud of. It's not since the advent of lulu, my relatives and friends with it also a lot of light. Even if his wife in the family economic budget against my invitation, but I still stand in my elation.
Before arriving to appreciate the special "show" all the people in my family, lulu really honor for me! The harmonica playing at the same time it the appearance of the dance; And singing the songs of birds and human beings, to all the people left a lifetime of fun!
After more than a month, I follow the instruction at the big uncle, began to put away out of the house. Open the door of the cage when it is hungry, put it out. It seems to understand what I mean in my heart, but that depends on my eyes, trust my expression, causing it to forget the original life habit  by wild became docile.
Every morning and evening, I took it, blow the harmonica. Also it flying freely in the meadow, flying far away. Dogs understand my mood, also don't know shame also and lulu "running"
Every time it looked at the dog dog panting, would be proud to constantly calling the after flying back to the cage. Dogs agree to jump and kiss it.
One morning, I was awakened by the cheerful cry. The tree outside and lulu similar birds fly in the sky. Looked at it that Gao Xinghuan called, looked at it eyes and thoughts in love the original free mood in my heart seems to return.
My hand carrying a cage, came to the yard. KuangKuo corner o9ccf grass dew wet my feet. Suddenly think of more than two months, ear listen lulu curtain call at the end of the song, my tears can't help to...
Head flew to meet its elders, the tree standing its brothers and sisters love. When I slowly opened the door of bamboo, it back to my "kowtow looking at". Seemed to thank me for the grace of life, thanks to our acquaintance, thanks to our decree by destiny in trouble the resonance of the mind and inspire each other.
It is reluctant to jump on my shoulder, mouth kiss my mouth with its beak. I obediently put their saliva for the last time to make it taste enough. Like grab it from under the corner for the first time, gently hold it in hand, kissed it. And hard to put it into the sky to lulu in mid-air singing the song of a new life!
On the same day, I have no appetite. The shadow of the full brain is lulu, although his wife and children and I feel the same way, and comforted me no use...
Next day morning, I walk my dog, as usual, the in the mind can look forward to it and I see you again? I blow harmonica. "Pipeline" this voice echoed in the grass. Suddenly burst into flames, barking up. Happy way of dancing in the sky --ah lulu lulu is ...
It is like a meteor in the sky painted with half arc, seems to be mean to let me see it. Then come to my front on the ground, standing in my chest, constantly flapped its wings of gratitude, for I chirp; "Hello, I want to die you!" Then falls on my shoulders.
I pointed to the rising sun, the food the last time to let it in the pocket a good taste. Said to it; "Come fly away --  green forest is a place where you live, to grow up!"
When I put it free time really tears. I don't know where is it now, but my heart in want to; "It will marry and have children, with a new life, enjoy the sweet life with human; at the same time accept the grace of nature with human!" a friend in need "original -- one bird love long
"Any animal is human partner, will bring the benefits to human beings. Love all the animals at the same time can only be true
Is to protect human oneself! Otherwise -- human will destroy themselves - under nature's punishment! "The original -" a friend in need"
Published feeling again
Again, again reminded my feelings at that time. Why I was crying? I feel sadly; Human how so cold? The bird know gratitude! I just accidentally saved it, and it gives me a feeling of happiness for a lifetime let me unforgettable!
When I feel it is like my child. It closed my harmonica joy, jump - for all to see regrets. How can a small bird has such a shock? It know when killed, treatment, after the body slowly recovering, thank who "the bird heart beats everything has the true meaning of love and longing!!!(SOB!
Opened the window, I saw the fog. Sitting inside the car, triumphant. And automobile exhaust is the killer of environmental pollution, the increase of cancer disease rate of urban construction blindly, green space and trees reduce gradually, the clear river water disappeared, the migration of birds is reduced, the soil of many insects and plants died out.
And people thought consciousness does not know to protect the environment is to protect his own life!
Close the window, I was thinking; More than three years old "lulu... it has progeny! It will remember me! It's in the sad -- the offspring of won't let it live in this dense city!"
Heir bearing word,
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