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My grandpa is a party member
My grandpa is a very warm-hearted man, the collective things more seriously than in their own home. One year winter, want to take our village dam, grandpa as takes a long time, run, run, busy busy outside, in the eyes of a blind, busy to put out the lamp, often see day, both ends in order to "people" to "home", grandma almost do all the housework.
To this end, grandma also often some grumbling. Grandfather often to grandma said: "I is takes a long time, I don't take the lead who will take the head, the village, see, members also depends on the cadre!"
In fact, grandma was in our village is a sensible, smart woman. Busy busy, grandpa grandma. Grandpa around collective, grandma hold up "half the sky". She do not wash, pig of food, housework, can also prop fell back, plow plow their fields. Since my grandfather when the little "village official", little family. Later, whether it is a big mass production, or to the home land contracts, the villagers all elected grandpa as village officials. There is no any payment to rural village officials, grandpa worked with expectations, happy, too, and for more than 30 years.
Grandpa emotional guileless, especially feel great honour for himself as a communist party member. "There would be no new China without the communist party, without the communist party which have our happy home." "Grew up to hear the word of the party, to do the people of the party." This is my grandfather often hung on the oral words. Grandpa's party has a tortuous story. Grandpa is the person who wrote several applications, because of my poor family composition for the first time, but without success. In the 1960 s, it was a political reform &opening-up s, is very strict with political background. Both urban and rural, to join the party, KaoXue, a soldier, a job, etc., should be strictly politics careful. Grandpa also being laid off work because of my poor family, he once complained that his life is bad, but don't abandon don't give up is also a grandpa's character. Especially in the party, he once not twice, not twice three times, he said the day there will always be successful. To join the party organization become a grandpa's highest ideal and pursuit, in written four party membership application form, after many years after the test, finally get it. This is the most happy grandpa.
Grandpa often education, we can do for the party's cause contribution is his life's happiness. Grandpa as an ordinary farmer, a small village officials, a communist party member, ordinary from him I intuitively see the image of communist party members, communist party member's feelings. Grandpa's edification, a soldier after my biggest wish is to join the party. Now become a party member not only, also be a armed police troops cadres, two generations of longing for the final implementation. But grandpa "old communist party member" image, ideology and life pursuit of simplicity, is I can only dream of. Grandfather to leave the country for many years, he always does not forget once he keeps his on the land and in the land together decades of villagers, don't forget to education, cultivate his party organization, and timely pay the dues' to the party. Now has more than 40 years probationary period, the grandfather age care, always does not forget he is a member of the communist party, the party does not forget yourself to the party's promise. See grandpa, we this generation of communist party member, I have to sincerely opinions!
Xiangyang city middle school the first 22: Liu Zheyi
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